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MKIV: Unit 0 Parts List

MKIV: Unit 1 Parts List

MKIV: Unit 2 Parts List

MKIV: Unit 3 Parts List

MKIV: Unit 4 Parts List

MKIV Electric

MKIV Electric: Unit 2E, 3E Parts List


Cruising: Unit 1 Parts List

Cruising: Unit 2 Parts List

Cruising Electric

Cruising Electric: Unit 2E Parts List

Mark III

Mark III: Unit 0 Parts List

Mark III: Unit 1 Parts List

Mark III: Unit 1.5 Parts List

Mark III: Unit 2 Parts List

Mark III: Unit 2.5 Parts List

Mark III: Unit 3 Parts List

Mark III: Unit 3.25 Parts List


Mark II: Unit 0 Parts List

Mark II: Unit 1 Parts List

Mark II: Unit 1.5 Parts List

Mark II: Unit 2 Parts List

Mark II: Unit 2.5 Parts List

Mark II: Unit 3 Parts List

Winch Schematics

Type/Size/Date Produced

Manual Radial/15ST/2015 to Present

Manual Radial/20ST/2009 to Present

Manual Radial/20.2PTBBB, 20.2PTCCC/Jan 2016 to Present

Manual Radial/20.2PT/2009 to 2012

Manual Radial/35.2ST/2009 to Present

Manual Radial/35.2PTBBB, 35.2PTCCC/Jan 2016 to Present

Manual Radial/35.2PT/2009 to 2012

Manual Radial/40.2ST/2009 to Present

Manual Radial/40.2PTBBB, 40.2PTCCC/Jan 2016 to Present

Manual Radial/40.2PT/2009 to 2012

Manual Radial/46.2ST/2009 to Present

Manual Radial/46.2PTBBB, 46.2PTCCC/Jan 2016 to Present

Manual Radial/46.2PT/2009 to 2012

Manual Radial/50.2ST/2009 to Present

Manual Radial/50.2PTBBB, 50.2PTCCC/Jan 2016 to Present

Manual Radial/50.2PT/2009 to 2012

Manual Radial/60.2ST/2009 to Present

Manual Radial/60.3ST/2009 to Present

Powered Radial/40.2ST E/2009 to 2015

Powered Radial/40.2ST E/2016 to Present

Powered Radial/46.2 ST E/HY/2009 to 2015

Powered Radial/46.2 ST E/HY/2016 to Present

Powered Radial/50.2 ST E/HY/2009 to Sept 2010

Powered Radial/50.2 ST E/HY/Sept 2010 to 2015

Powered Radial/50.2 ST E/HY/2016 to Present

Powered Radial/60.2 ST E/HY/2009 to Sept 2010

Powered Radial/60.2 ST E/HY/Sept 2010 to 2015

Powered Radial/60.2 ST E/HY/2016 to Present

Powered Radial/60.3 ST E/HY/Sept 2010 to 2015

Powered Radial/60.3 ST E/HY/2016 to Present

Powered Radial Rewind/40RW/2013 to 2015

Powered Radial Rewind/40RW/2016 to Present

Powered Radial Rewind/46RW/2011 to 2015

Powered Radial Rewind/46RW/2016 to Present

Powered Radial Rewind/60RW/2013 to 2015

Powered Radial Rewind/60RW/2016 to Present

UniPower/900UPW/2011 to 2015

UniPower/900UPW/2016 to Present

Performa Manual/20STP/2012 to Present

Performa Manual/20.2PTP/2012 to Present

Performa Manual/35.2STP/2012 to Present

Performa Manual/35.2PTP/2012 to Present

Performa Manual/40.2STP/2012 to Present

Performa Manual/40.2PTP/2012 to Present

Performa Manual/46.2STP/2012 to Present

Performa Manual/46.2PTP/2012 to Present

Performa Manual/50.2STP/2012 to Present

Performa Manual/50.2PTP/2012 to Present

Performa Manual/60.2STP/2012 to Present

Performa Manual/60.3STP/2012 to Present

Performa Powered/40.2 STP E/2012 to 2015

Performa Powered/40.2 STP E/2016 to Present

Performa Powered/46.2STP E/HY/2012 to 2015

Performa Powered/46.2STP E/HY/2016 to Present

Performa Powered/50.2STP E/HY/2012 to 2015

Performa Powered/50.2STP E/HY/2016 to Present

Performa Powered/60.2STP E/HY/2012 to 2015

Performa Powered/60.2STP E/HY/2016 to Present

Performa Powered/60.3STP E/HY/2012 to 2015

Performa Powered/60.3STP E/HY/2016 to Present

Powered Classic/40.2ST E/2003 to 2016

Powered Classic/44.2ST E/HY/2003 to 2016

Powered Classic/46.2ST E/HY/2003 to 2016

Powered Classic/48.2ST E/HY/2003 to 2016

Powered Classic/53.2ST E/HY/2003 to 2016

Powered Classic/56.2ST E/HY/2003 to 2009

Powered Classic/59.2ST E/HY/2003 to 2009

Powered Classic/60.2ST E/HY/2003 to 2016


Antifouling 101

Antifouling Compatibility Chart

Product Data


Fiberglass Bottomkote Aqua

Fiberglass Bottomkote NT

Micron CF

Micron CSC Antifouling

Pacifica Plus

Bilgekote Quick-Dry

Brightside Polyurethane

Brush-Ease 433

Compass Clear Gloss

Epoxy Primekote® Primer

Fiberglass Surface Prep

Flattening Agent for 1-Part Finishes

Goldspar Satin Varnish

Inter-Prime® Clear Wood Sealer

Interdeck Non-Skid Finish

Intergrip No Skid Compound

Interprotect® 2000E Kit Coating

Pre-Kote® Primer

Primocon Underwater Primer

Surfacing Putty

Trilux 33 Antifouling Spray

VC Offshore Regatta Baltoplate Antifouling


Winch Specs & Parts Lists

Winch Selection Guide

EVO Self-Tailing Winch

EVO 30ST Parts List

EVO 40ST Parts List

EVO 45ST Parts List

EVO 50ST Parts List

EVO 55ST Parts List

EVO 65ST Parts List

Ocean 14ST Parts List

Ocean 16ST Parts List

Ocean 28ST Parts List

Ocean 30ST Parts List

Ocean 34ST Parts List

Ocean 40ST Parts List

Ocean 44ST Parts List

Ocean 46ST Parts List

Ocean 48ST Parts List

Ocean 50ST Parts List

Ocean 54ST Parts List

Ocean 58ST Parts List

Ocean 62ST Parts List

Ocean 64ST Parts List

Standard Winch Size 6 Parts List

Standard Winch Size 7 Parts List

Standard Winch Size 8 Parts List

Standard Winch Size 16 Parts List

Standard Winch Size 24 Parts List

Standard Winch Size 30 Parts List

Standard Winch Size 40 Parts List

Standard Winch Size 43 Parts List

Windlass Specs & Spares Kits

Choosing a Windlass

Windlass Selection

2016-17 Windlass Models

V700 Windlass

CPX2/3 Windlass

CPX4 Windlass

CPX0 Windlass

CPX0 Sales Sheet

Pro Series/Fish Windlass

V2/V3 Windlass

V1 Windlass

V4/V5 Windlass

V6 Windlass

V8 Windlass


Master Parts List

Vertical Windlass Parts

Project 500 Pre-2012

Project 500 Post-2012

Project 1000

Project 1500

Project 2000

Horizontal Windlass Parts






Falkon Dual Gypsy

Titan-B Pre-2005

Titan-B Post-2005



Owners Manuals




HWC 2500

HWC 3500












Vertical Windlasses

Atlantic VR/VRC 600

Storm VR/VRC 850

Storm VR/VRC 1250

Storm VR/VRC 2200

Atlantic VR/VRC 1000

Atlantic VR/VRC 2500 & 3500

Horizontal Windlasses

Cougar HR 1200

Cheetah HR 2500

Jaguar HR 3500



Why Use Water-Based


Hydrocoat ECO

Inflatable Boat


Prop Coat

Ultima SR-60

Ultima SSA

Varnish & Wood Products

Varnishing Tips & Tricks

Z*Spar Captain's Varnish

Z*Spar Captain's Satin Varnish

EZ-Wood Sealer

Z*Spar Flagship


EZ-Prime Topside Undercoater

Pettit Protect & Vivid Epoxy Primer

Rustlok Steel Primer


EZ Cabin Coat

Z*Spar Topside Enamel


Part Selector

32 Series:  LC 32 & LCI 32

32 Series:  NC 32 & NCI 32

42 Series:  LC 42 & LCI 42

42 Series:  NC 42 & NCI 42

52 Series:  L52-LI52-L52E-LI52E

52 Series:  N52-NI52-N52E-NI52E

B Series: B29S-B29L

B Series: B35S-B35M-B35L

C Series: C290

C Series: C320

C Series: C350

C Series: C420

R Series: R25

R Series: R35

R Series: R42

R Series: R250

R Series: R350

R Series: R420

R Series: R430

R Series: R480

NDEC Series (Electric): NDEC42

NDEC Series (Electric): NDEC52

NDEC Series (Electric): NDEC420

NDEC Series (Electric): NDEC520


Furlex 100S Spare Parts

Furlex 200S-300S Spare Parts

Furlex Mk2 Spare Parts

Running Cables

Using a Spinnaker